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10th Dimension
Holographic space research


Exposição 10th Dimension, 2023

Like a magic spell, figures (or non-figures?) appear in a new space when illuminated by the right light. In holograms light is not only the component to register the image, but also the substance itself for the object reconstruction in the holographic space. 


    My research started in 2017, during my undergraduate studies in Brazil, where I had the opportunity to build and use my own pinhole cameras. As this type of camera generates unpredictable results with unrecognizable figures, I was set free from the burden of photography as a copy of the real. Afterward, the research proceeded to the digital medium to understand the expansion of the possibilities in creating blur images, to then move to stereoscopic photography for a more immersive artwork. Now, with holograms, I aim to explore both the unfolding of shapes/forms inside the holographic space, as well as the perception of the audience.


      Holograms register the exact distance points from the object to the film, producing an identical 3D image of the subject. Although it is a hyperrealist media, this just increased my desire to create my own world with no commitment to reality. This new space is a window to a new dimension, with new possibilities, that stimulate the creativity of the observer. Hence, when associated with the Superstring theory I aim for the 10th dimension as it is a space that contains all possibilities of all universes, and we can not perceive and understand due to the limitations of our brain. Therefore, when looking at those abstract forms, there is no right answer, and the observer is free to imagine and present their point of view without any burden of representation and reality.


    In my metal folding series, I don't create thinking about an existing figure, instead, I make it based on abstraction for abstraction, folding possibilities like the 10th dimension, and processing about how the shape will evolve in this immaterial space of the hologram. As for the acrylic series, I intend to explore the relation of different shapes and the light, through transparency and its shadows. For the mirror series I create a dialogue between our world, through the reflected image, with the holographic space through the organic object in which the observer gets conscious of its presence. Lastly, the holograms with their original objects aim to create a paradox of the exact same figure in both real world and holographic space, that can be seen with the same amount of detail.



10th Dimension Exhibition, 2023


10th Dimension Exhibition - Artist Talk, 2023


10th Dimension Exhibition, 2023


10th Dimension Exhibition, 2023

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