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Non figurative series


Exposição Darkroom, 2022

With research focused on experimentation and abstraction, Lia Maurer brings to the exhibition "Darkroom", eight holograms that merge art and reality.  By displaying the reflected image above the surface of the film or exposing the object together with the hologram, the artist immerses the audience in this new world she has created.

The hologram is unique in a way that it displays a  tridimensional image without an extra apparatus to perceive while also created with both the internal action of the artist that captured the initial image, and the external action of the observer that ultimately interprets the artwork through their angle of view.

The image is unstable, shapeless, with countless possibilities of existence, which intrigue visitors with every step they take at the gallery.  The two instances the image is exposed together with the object, a triad is formed between the observer, hologram, and object giving the public a deeper understanding to the creative process of forming a holographic image.

20220608_193936 (1).jpg

Darkroom Exhibition, 2022


Darkroom Exhibition, 2022


Detail hologram

IMG_8310 (1).jpg

Darkroom Exhibition, 2022


3D printing hologram, 2022

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